Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Holidays Gift Ideas -Whether freshly scented or simply luxurious, these bath soap ideas make lovely gifts for anyone.
Our Geranium soap with French rose clay , COPAIBA and OLIVE OIL SOAP , cleans and balances the complexion by removing excess oils without drying your skin.

Limited Edition -Aged Soap , Extra Large Soap Bar and Large Bar .
Wonderful aged soaps that can be used not only in the shower or bath,
but makes a wonderful decorative soap, custom hand stamped. Once the soaps has set, it is hand cut into blocks, we stacked in a pile with all the other bars of soap, and left to cure for months to a year – just like a cheese or red wine .
The end product is a dense, long-lasting soap , that has good moisturizing properties. It has been shown to good for all skin type. It is so versatile that it makes an excellent body and face soap , shampoo bar , shaving soap, regular soap, shower soap and is even good for hand washing …
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