Monday, September 21, 2015

Choosing a Natural Soap ?

Today, people are searching for natural soaps , without chemicals or harsh ingredients . . Since your soap helps you to stay fresh  and clean, it is easy to assume that its ingredients will be  positively good for you. So stay way  from harsh chemical
handmade soap
handmade soap
ingredients that are potentially harmful to your skin like Triclosan ,Dioxane , Sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) , Diethanolamine (or DEA) , Parabens , Fragrance and PEG-6 .
What is the Healthiest Soap to Use?
Natural Handcrafted Soap !
All our soaps are hand made from start to finish in really small batches, hand stirred , hand cut and hand wrapped, all milk comes from the local farm, Olive oils come from Greece, Italy , Spain AND of course the good old USA, also a lot of our essential oils and oils, butters and clays come from the Amazon Rain forest of Brazil ( since that’s where I was born), these oils are the best products for the skin, after the soaps are made they then get a long curing process to insure great quality and long lasting soap, our soaps cure from anywhere from six weeks to two years, there’s much more information in our website about everything you wanted to know about our soaps , oils, clays, essential oils and our company.
Natural Soaps Cold Process
Natural Soaps Cold Process
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