Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Anti-Cellulite Soap

Anti-Cellulite Soap

One of the great villain of the woman’s is cellulite, which leaves many women terrified when it comes to bikini, then run behind the aesthetic treatments and creams that promise to wipe out cellulite.

Cellulite is a fat that is located between the skin and muscles are difficult to remove it, the most that happens is to soften the appearance of cellulite, but for this you need a healthy eating away from fried foods and fats and drink plenty of water days.

The creams and beauty treatments are very helpful, but do not always see the expected result, below you can see a homemade soaps anti-cellulite ,that will help to soften the appearance of orange peel .
Brazilian Espresso Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter and Hazelnut Citrus Essential Oils

Brazilian Coffee Scrub Soap with Cocoa Butter

Coffee natural handcrafted soap -

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Soap natural beauty handcrafted and a hint of beauty that goes for all ages

This week I took one of the soap out of the the box, from the line Natural Handcrafted Soap.
It was to bathe my daughter, but has become my favorite soap., Butter and Goat Milk with Oatmeal and Honey Soap.

Day After was a hot day, when the skin seeks refreshment and care for freshness , -
I try another soaps the Lemongrass Soap.
Lemongrass Natural soap are refreshing, stimulating and soothing.
Was fantastic.

I had also send a friend from Brazil for the Carnival in Rio a kit with a Brazilian Coffee Soap.
Brazilian Coffee Scrub are Great for as a hand and foot and body scrub soap.
Brazilian coffee grinds absorb garlic and onion smell off your fingers, I recommended this soap as a hand and foot and body scrub soap.
Great kit after Carnival dance all day!

Read more here Natural Handcrafted Soap
Thank you for making such fantastic soaps and sharing them with the world!

A new fan,