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Greek Olive Oil Soap

Tue July 24, 2018.On Tuesday we like to share The best Olive Oil Soaps made with real Greek Olive Oils.
 Greek Olive Oil Soap Bar Natural Handcrafted (Face and Body) Soap Unscented All Natural
Greek Olive Oil Natural Handcrafted Soap
3 Greek Olive Oil Soap
3 Greek Olive Oil Soap
Greek Olive Oil Unscented Soap Bar – Natural Handmade

Natural Artisan Greek Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil has been used in soap making for thousands of years.Olive oil soap is very mild, long-lasting . This Olive oil soap is very mild, long-lasting and can be used full strength on any skin type to help retain moisture and elasticity.
It is no surprise that olive oil soap soothes and nourishes the skin because it takes advantage of the natural moisturizing properties of olive oil.
Greek Olive Oil Soap with Mediterranean Sea Salt Natural Soap
Mediterranean Sea Salt -salt is harvested from the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean Sea Salt is harvested in the South of Italy, where they have been producing salt since 200 B.C. Mediterranean sea salt, also called Sel de Mer, is known for its mild flavor and bright white crystals. It is naturally high in magnesium, which acts as a natural anti-caking agent, but this very high quality salt is 100% natural and contains no additives of any kind.
Cretan olive oil and a little coconut to make it a bit harder with extra lather, Great for the acne. Mediterranean Sea Salt is harvested in the South of Italy
Back in the days before soap was invented, it is said that when the ancient Egyptians wanted to clean themselves, they spread olive oil on their skin. The olive oil stuck to the dirt, and could then be scraped away.
Olive oil has been used in soap making for thousands of years. “Olive oil”, like all fats and oils, is transformed into soap by adding lye (soda ash is very similar to lye. The gentleness of olive oil and its ability to act as a humectant and draw moisture from the air to your skin makes this soap wonderful to use. This is a very nice everyday mild soap with out any fragrance oils just lots of wonderful lather. Cretan olive oil and a little coconut to make it a bit harder with extra lather, Great for the face.

Benefits of Natural Olive Oil for Your Skin

Because extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, which are known to help slow aging, it has been widely used for centuries as both a food and a skin care product.
Olive oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry skin areas such as hands, elbows, knees and heels. It relieves chapped lips. Some cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies suggest that the polyphenol compounds present in olive oil may help repair sun-damaged skin (Reference 1), but conclusive studies have not been conducted.
Greek Olive Oil soap
Greek Olive Oil soap
Olive oil is an effective facial cleanser. Anecdotal evidence indicates it helps shrink the size of facial pores and lessen the incidence of acne.

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Handcrafted Natural Handmade Greek Olive Oil Unscented Soap …

 Rating: 5 – ‎64 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
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Artisan Hand Crafted Soap

Natural Handmade Artisan Soaps

All our milk comes from a local farm. Olive oils comes from Greece , Italy , Spain and of course the good old USA. Our Greek olive oil comes directly from a friends organic olive farm in Greece the finest olive oil truly organic. we also use a lot of essential oils ,butters and clay’s from the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil ( since that’s where I was born), these oils are the best products for the skin, after the soaps are made they then get a long curing process to insure great quality and long lasting soap, our soaps cure from anywhere from six weeks to two years, there’s much more information in our website about everything you wanted to know about our soaps , oils, clay’s, essential oils and our company
Artisan All Natural Handmade Soap
WE never use chemicals, preservatives, just all natural ingredients. Pure Natural Soap: Our “natural handmade handcrafted soaps” are crafted using natural herbs, spices & clay’s and are scented with 100% pure essential oils for wonderful skin care. These completely natural Artisan soaps contain no artificial colors or fragrances, all out Goats milk, cow milk, and buttermilk all come from our local farm, ” Cant get much fresher than that.
Google Handmade soaps from North Carolina !
Coffee soaps only the finest ground coffee used in our products, Guinness extra stout in our beer soaps and farm fresh milk from our local farm in all our milk soaps makes our handmade soap a super sudsy, healthy, velvet like fragrant treat that will leave your skin soft & smooth .
Goat's Milk Soap Farm Fresh Holidays Gift Goat's Milk Soap
Goat’s Milk Soap Farm Fresh Holidays Gift Goat’s Milk Soap
For a long time people have used hand soap and “body soap” that leaves their skin feeling that slimy, dry, or oily , that is why we decided to make our own line of pure natural Artisan soaps the way they were made centuries ago as they did in Aleppo using simple natural ingredients with a long curing process. Natural Handcrafted Soap Company. takes pride in bringing the best in handcrafted soaps, that are healthy for the skin,,, buy some today !
More artisans around Google

Natural Soap Handmade Artisan Handcrafted All Natural – Eczema …

Handcrafted Artisan Soap All Natural Handmade – Skin Care Benefits Eczema Soap.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

7 Natural Handcrafted Beauty Soaps Products That Have a Cult Following for a Reason

Cult of Following  has been making the switch over to all-natural soap skincare beauty products and feels way more empowered knowing exactly what goes into them skin.

1. Help out inflamed, sensitive skin ,Using Oatmeal Soap

Oatmeal provides numerous health benefits, but oatmeal soap is also good for your skin. It is effective for both oily skin and dry skin.
Organic Oatmeal Soap with Mango Butter
Organic Oatmeal Soap with Mango Butter
Reviewer: Goes d’Goes from CA
Oatmeal Organic with mango is excellent bar soap for mature, ageing, dry, dehydrated skin.

2. A natural handcrafted soap that is long lasting and moisturizing too.

Almond Hazelnut Soap Natural Handmade Aged Bar with Cocoa Almond and Acai Berry Butter
Almond Hazelnut Soap Natural Handmade Aged Bar with Cocoa Almond and Acai Berry Butter

3. A luxury bar of coffee body soap  that smells way more expensive than it actually is.

Luxury Coffee Soap
Luxury Coffee Soap

4. Your eczema could benefit from this natural soap

Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
Best reviews: Works on my acne , Soap bar with famous Australian tea tree oil.  Good for my acne  non-irritating, antiseptic and anti-fungal.  Great bar for shaving. Reviewer: Tommy from New York

5. Oh my God yes!! Thanks for this “Holly Olive Oil Soap” – . –Reviewer: by Virginia


6. Give dry skin a treat with a natural goat’s milk blossom raw honey  and  7.Pure Goat’s milk handmade soap and cheerful face bar that works.

Best reviews: “So this worked better than I expected.
My skin felt better and it looked less greasy.

 Google for more

Dead Sea Mud – Rose Clay – Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

 Rating: 5 – ‎21 reviews – ‎$13.75 – ‎In stock
Look , I just dont have time for all clean routine at night. These natural soaps leave me feeling clean and refreshed . Wash my cheeks, forehead, and chin a few times, and removes all of the nastiness deposited on my face as a result of regularly traveling through Brooklyn streets. Was this review helpful to you?

Handcrafted Natural Handmade Greek Olive Oil Unscented Soap …

 Rating: 5 – ‎61 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
Reduces the crepe in your skin. Lathers beautifully. If you keep the bar dry between uses in a well draining soap dish it will last a very long time. Was this review helpful to you?

All Natural Mother and Baby Twelve Piece Artisan Soap Gift Set

 Rating: 5 – ‎11 reviews – ‎$125.00 – ‎In stock
Average Rating: 5 of 5 Total Reviews: 11 Write a review ». 1 of 1 people found the following reviewhelpful: Handmade soap, February 22, 2018. Reviewer: Crazy Mama from Colorado. They arrived quickly and in a gift box. They smelled good all natural handmade. Was this review helpful to you?

Handcrafted Fresh All Natural Artisan Peppermint Soap With Sea Clay …

 Rating: 5 – ‎25 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
I cannot honestly think of one reason why anyone on the planet would choose not to have peppermint oil soap in his Home! Skin Health -Peppermint soap has calming effects on skin inflammation. Was thisreview helpful to you?

Goat’s Milk Soap Bar All Natural Farm Fresh Aged

 Rating: 5 – ‎13 reviews – ‎$26.00 – ‎In stock
Goat milk soap is wonderful for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It is also perfect for healthy skin that wants to stay that way. Unprocessed goat milk fresh from the farm contains many benefits.

Castile Olive – Natural Handcrafted Soap Company

 Rating: 5 – ‎16 reviews
Some things worked for a few weeks and others not , . I started using this 3 weeks ago and within 4 days my sores were healed and have stayed healed ever since. Was this review helpful to you?

Natural Handcrafted French Jasmine Soap With Crushed Flowers and …

 Rating: 5 – ‎3 reviews – ‎$21.00
French Jasmine Soap with Crushed Flowers and Rose Oil Aged Limited Edition 10 oz. Limited Edition Soap Large bar , This is a wonderful aged soap that can be used not only in the shower or bath, But makes a wonderful decorative soap, custom hand stamped.

Artisan All Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap With Dead Sea Salt …

 Rating: 5 – ‎32 reviews – ‎$13.50 – ‎In stock
Artisan, all natural soap Handmade Dead Sea Mud from Israel Soap cleanses away excess oils and bacteria, but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils. Was this review helpful to you?

All Natural Dead Sea Mud Soap Bar Handcrafted Handmade Black …

 Rating: 5 – ‎40 reviews
Top quality natural safe ingredients. I learned about this business form Google plus . I appreciate most is their attention to offering scented soaps for men. The soap lathers well, lasts for quite a while , and smells great no overpower. Was this review helpful to you?


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

18 uses Natural Soaps from Florida to Dead Sea this week -February 2018

Natural soap shaving bar
Natural soap shaving bar
Men love it, too, makes a great shaving soap. BUY HERE
2. and 3. Natural HAND SOAP -OLIVE OIL SOAP 
Olive Oil Soap and Castile Soap
Olive Oil Soap and Castile Soap
Castile and Olive oil soaps-  is a good natural
for all Hand soap , body soap and face soap
4. BODY SOAP BAR .  – Coffee Scrub
wash and exfoliate at the same time.
Coffee Bar Soap
Coffee Bar soap

If you like coffee bar – This soap is wonderful for all skin types.
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Buy Coffee Bar Here 

5 . Peppermint FOOT Wash.  Bar of soap 
Peppermint Soap Holidays Gift
Peppermint Soap

6.7. Face Wash Bar for Acne

Copaiba  Soap with Coconut Milk and Australia tea tree.

Copaiba Soap 2018 face soap acne
Copaiba Soap 2018 face soap acne
Australian soap – Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
Tea tree oil is well known for its skin healing properties and fresh scent.
8 .For  Body -Dead Sea Mud 
9 . SHAMPOO Bar soap of Goat’s Milk for short hair 
Wash hair and rinse well.
Hair wash  Goat's milk -Coconut natural soap
Hair wash Goat’s milk -Coconut natural soap
Goat’s milk soap is good for everyday use to moisturize and condition your skin Our Artisan soaps are wonderful skin care. Buy here NATURAL SOAP 
10  . Body and Face Wash Florida Citrus Sunshine Natural Soap.
Florida – Citrus – you must have .. Buy this Florida Citrus Bar Soap from

11. 12 , BABY WASH ,   Natural Soap Honey Blossom and Goat’s
Milk natural soaps
Baby Wash Soaps Goat's Milk Honey Bar
Baby Wash Soaps Goat’s Milk Honey Bar
13. 14. 15 .16 BATHING. Natural Soaps -Four Bar Gift Set Soap 
Gift Natural Artisan Four Bar Gift Set Soaps
17. Night Wash Body and Face Soap – Lavender . Jasmine. Lilac.
Lavender and lilac jasmine
Lavender and lilac jasmine

18. Hair soap – Hand and Body – This bar of beer soap make you looks good after shave- Beard -beer:

What can I say,, This is a new addition to our family of soaps and it is just wonderful, Beer ( we use Guinness extra stout) is full of great natural ingredients so NATURALLY , it makes a wonderful creamy, conditioning, lathery and moisturizing soap.
.Beer is made with hops and barley which are both extremely
gentile and wonderful for the skin .  BUY FROM AMAZON


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