Monday, June 1, 2009

Father's Day Soap Gifts

Father's Day Gifts
Father's Day Gifts
Dad will be surprised and delighted when presented with one of these gifts from the heart.
Palm Coconut with Cocoa Butter and Essential Oils
7.5 Oz
Our wonderful handcrafted soap is made of only the finest Coconut, and Palm oils available. The lather is amazing. Great gift for the fathers day

Rain Forest Copaiba with Cocoa Butter and Tree Leaves
7.5 Oz

Peppermint Anise Star with Shea Butter (Face and Body)
Our homemade Peppermint Anise Soap is especially wonderful for a morning shower, a little spicy and slightly tingly. Great for fathers day

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Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind as to notify me when you have more of the 20 oz bars of French lavender/Egyptian geranium soaps. Of all of your lavender soaps, the fragrance of this exceeds all the other. I recently made my second purchase from you online. I discovered you from your ad in a flyer in the N&O. Your soaps are wonderful!

Natural Handcrafted Soap said...

was given a bar of the Goat's Milk Bar Soap by a neighbor who swore by its ability leave the skin smooth and soft. So I used it in the shower and really liked it, thus convinced that it was safe would do me no harm I tried it. I found the soap to be good for washing up, had no odor and left my skin feeling clean and hydrated plus I didn't have any strange urges to eat tin cans:>) We liked it and wanted more "Goat Soap" but didn't want to beg the neighbor for more so I was given the task of finding it. Amazingly, a Google search revealed that it was available through Amazon and if I ordered enough I would get free shipping. I placed the order, it came a week later and wifey was thrilled. Happy wife, happy life.